From Berlin to London

Photos by Kenza Barton Schlee

“I had a great experience racing with the Huub Wattbike team in Berlin. Backing up rides that quickly is always tough, but definitely learned from the guys. Lots of new techniques for riding and recovery, and really looking forward to improving the team into London!” Ashton Lambie 

Berlin was the host to the third World Cup and it was the most loaded competition yet. With all the major players turning up for the team pursuit, including the current world record holders Australia, there was an excitement about who would come out on top. 

With the strange decision by the organisers to have three rides in the day this became a test of recovery as well as execution. Huub Wattbike had the bonus of rotation this week with the addition of IP world record holder Ashton Lambie. Not only is Ashton fast but he has had the open mind set that fits into the team perfectly so it was great to get him in the team for Berlin and London.  

Qualifying has been the most pivotal round so far in this series and unfortunately Huub Wattbike were slightly the pace finishing sixth with a 3:58.086. Just like in Paris the team knew what they needed to do to back up a disappointing qualifying round and jump back into medal contention. Up against Belgium who had qualified with a 4:00.020 the team were confident that they could get a fast start on Belgium and get into their draft. At each kilometre mark Huub Wattbike gained time on the Belgians gaining more time each kilo comfortably qualifying fastest with a 3:54.411. 

This was another huge win for the team as they yet again got into a medal final. This time against the Canadians in the Bronze medal final. Huub Wattbike qualified faster than the Canadian team and after beating them in Milton in their own back yard there was a confidence heading into the final. Everything was going well and it looked like the team had not been effected by the three rides in a day. They were up on the Canadians for the first 3 kilometres but then the last kilo saw the Canadians ride into the lead. Canada finished with a 3:56.339 ahead of Huub Wattbike with a 3:57.094. A devastating result as the team looked for their second medal of the series however whether it was recovery or execution it has already all been analysed and discussed heading into the next round. 

The team travel back to Britain for their home world cup and ready to get onto that top step. Its Gold Medal time for the Peoples republic of Derbados! 

“Berlin might not have been the medal winning performance we were targeting but there were some awesome rides by the squad. A solid 3:54 continues to show we belong at the top, and that when all of the pieces fall in to place we can do something really special in London.” Dan Bigham